A few days ago I received an e-mail from one of our listeners who was sharing info about a few events purportedly being promoted by Yellowstone County Democrats.

Some of the events you can still see listed on the Yellowstone Democratic Social Club website by clicking here.

One of the events is- "The Safe Zone: Being an LGBT ally, or not? Getting acquainted." Another event they're promoting is- "The history of Feminism." I wonder if they'll talk about how men who identify as women are looking to take away women's rights? Doubtful.

But this the event they were promoting that really stood out to me (and I see that the Yellowstone Democrats are promoting other events with the "Billings Humanists")- they were promoting an event about "Collective Guilt and Retribution."

Here's how they described the event:

A presentation and discussion about the concept of collective guilt by the majority for the degradation of minority populations. Do we "white Americans" have any responsibility for the actions of our "group" in the past and its repercussions in the present.

My first reaction was to say- why would the Yellowstone County Democrats be promoting this anti-American event? Are they as far Left and off their rockers as the Missoula Democrats now?

But then I thought about it some more. This is an internal debate and discussion taking place amongst Democrats and liberal Leftists. The Democrat Party is the party of slavery. The Democrat Party is the party of the KKK (just ask about Joe Biden delivering the eulogy for Robert C. Byrd). And the Democrat Party is the party of sharecropping, Jim Crow, and the modern day sharecropping known as the welfare state.

I'd also encourage you to look at how Democrat policies are harming our inner cities. The white liberals in the Democrat Party are also responsible for our wide open border, and are allowing the Mexican drug cartels to cause even more harm on our reservations than the rest of the state.

As I think about it some more, it is entirely fitting that Democrats have a conversation with themselves about THEIR "collective guilt" and how THEIR policies are harming minorities all across America.

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