Did you see that story about the run down million dollar Whitefish home that went viral? Let's compare that house to Mar-a-Lago and it puts the absurdity of this political persecution of President Trump into perspective.

I could have sworn I saw a tweet from Kentucky Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) via X where he compares the viral Whitefish fixer upper to the lavish Mar-a-Lago estate that Trump's critics are claiming was overvalued. I mean- just look at the photos above.

See the Whitefish home on the left? Now, see Mar-a-Lago on the right. Imagine if 18 of those million dollar fixer upper's were on Trump's beachfront Mar-a-Lago estate...even then it would probably be worth more than $18 million. Yet, look at the actual buildings on the Mar-a-Lago estate. It is obviously worth far more than what his critics are claiming.

The Whitefish home above is located at 428 OBrien Avenue in Whitefish. Now, Whitefish is one of the coolest locations in the lower 48. My dad grew up there and graduated high school there. I spent summers and Christmas there as a kid- I basically split time between my parents from Eastern Montana and the Flathead. I got to ski Big Mountain at Christmas time, and then walk down the dirt road (which is probably paved now) on Lion Mountain to go swim at the lake. So I am definitely not going to undervalue Whitefish- but I am going to say the obvious: Trump's critics severely undervalued Mar-a-Lago.

By the way- I mentioned how I thought I saw a tweet from Rand Paul comparing the Whitefish home to Mar-a-Lago. For some reason, I couldn't find that tweet- but I did find this one.

And didn't Rush Limbaugh's house go for like $155 million?

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