I was trying to think how I could tell you about everything we are seeing at the 2023 SHOT Show in Las Vegas- there's no way I can cover it all for you. Then I realized, wait a minute- we can. ALL of our audio from the SHOT Show is already available on our podcast. Here's some of our latest coverage from Day 2:

Some of the people we've gotten a chance to talk to include Tom Gresham, the host of the national Gun Talk radio show which airs on KBUL radio in Billings on Sundays. He had some great insight when it comes to the latest guns and gear on the floor of the SHOT Show. We also got his take on the Alec Baldwin charges. (Look for that audio coming soon)

I also got the chance to get out on the floor of the SHOT Show and caught up with Seth Berglee from Shield Arms in Bigfork, Montana. He showed me one of the new products he unveiled at this year's SHOT Show. Check out the video:


We also got to catch up with the Bozeman, Montana based Stone Glacier. As I shared below on Instagram, these Stone Glacier packs are INCREDIBLY light. I have socks that are heavier. We got to check 'em out at the 2023 SHOT Show. By the way, audio of our chat with the Stone Glacier President and CEO from Thursday's 9a hour show is available on the podcast above.

Here's more of what will be on our podcast later today.



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