If all of the latest election results hold following the counting of the provisional ballots, and if a 10 vote lead survives a recount- Montana Republicans will hold 103 of the seats in the state legislature. They've already secured a "supermajority", the question is how big. To top it off, Republicans also won both of the statewide congressional seats that will be held by Matt Rosendale in the East and Ryan Zinke in the West.

We spoke with Don "K", the Chairman of the Montana Republican Party following the big Republican victories in the 2022 elections in Montana.

Don "K": Montanans decided to keep Montana, Montana...voters spoke loudly. As I said, they want Republican leadership. The Democrat Party has left the hardworking Montanans behind. Their radical woke agenda is is not being embraced by Montanans. That was pretty clear by sending Zinke and Rosendale back to Washington, DC, to hold the Biden administration administration accountable.

Don K said GOP turnout was pretty good for the GOP. He specifically cited Butte and Silver Bow County as coming in strong for Zinke and the Republicans compared to previous elections.

Here's what else stood out to me: not one of the Democrat Congressional candidates, nor the so-called Independent candidate in the race for Congress in the Eastern District, (Tranel, Ronning, Buchanan etc) called their respective Republican opponent to concede the race and to congratulate the winner on their election.

Here's the full audio with Don "K" from the MT GOP:

By the way, the offer continues to be offered up for the Montana Democrat Party to also join us on the air.

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