Solar Power’s Land Grab Hits a Snag: Environmentalists. That's the headline in The Wall Street Journal.

“It will destroy this land forever,” said Ms. Rebich, 33. She considerers herself an environmentalist. She was talking about an area near Mormon Mesa, which overlooks this valley 50 miles northeast of Las Vegas. It will soon be covered in 14 square miles—the equivalent of 7,000 football fields—with more than a million solar panels 10 to 20 feet tall. But all of that might only produce one-tenth of Nevada's total needed power.

Some environmental groups have complained about how toxic rare earth mineral mining is, and the exploration of slave labor in China, and child labor in Africa. They just don't want to equate it to wind and solar, which it is used for.

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That's just 2 of only a few complaints from the people who claim they want to save the planet. Yet, for some reason, so much that they have to complain about they don't. Should I hold my breath waiting?

No outcry yet about the solar farm that is frying birds in mid-air. 'Streamers' is what those birds are called as the mirrors from a giant solar collector scorch birds as they fly over. Federal wildlife investigators want to halt the construction of a larger plant until the full extent of the deaths in California is known.

So-called "environmentalists" are trying to convince us that the bird and bat kill by wind turbines is really not that bad. But it is, as you can see by reading the article at this link.

The Wyoming landscape is filling with wind turbines. There are those trying to convince us that this is nothing but good.

Can we expect more environmentalist outcry at some point? There will be if they truly care about the environment.

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