The article must have been written by the new guy. That was my first reaction when I read the Helena Independent Record story about the Mansfield-Metcalf Dinner in Helena this past Saturday night. Any other reporter who's been around would know this about Jon Tester.

In the article, the IR reporter quoted liberal Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) attacking the Republican members of Montana's Congressional Delegation as "multimillionaires." Jon Tester himself is a multimillionaire. Yet, he attacks his fellow delegation members for being millionaires? Now that's rich.

After sharing that information on the radio Monday morning, I got a message on our "Montana Talks" app from Les in Laurel. Les asked where I got my information from and if I could provide a citation, since I mentioned "37 times" that Tester was a millionaire. (Now that's funny)

I just figured everybody already knew, but I wanted to answer Les' question. I even planned on writing a story about it, with documentation, on Tuesday- but Fox News apparently had the same question I did, so they beat me to the punch with their web story on Tuesday. (Although, I did mention it on air Monday)

So let's do a fact check. Is Jon Tester a millionaire? Well, Les, here's the headline from Fox News: Tester rails against 'multi-millionaires' in re-election bid launch, but disclosures reveal his own wealth

Fox News: Democratic Montana Senator Jon Tester dedicated part of his re-election campaign launch last week to railing against "multi-millionaires" who he said didn't "understand what a hard day's work looks like," despite federal financial disclosures revealing he is actually a millionaire himself. According to Federal Election Commission (FEC) data from 2021, Tester has a net worth between $1,768,009 and $6,695,000...

It gets even more rich. Senator Tester invited Democrat Senator Mark Kelly (D-AZ) to be his sidekick for the event in Helena. Turns out, as Fox News reports, that Senator Mark Kelly is worth anywhere from $10-27 million.

Oh yeah, and Jon Tester's own son was even busted bragging about the family being millionaires. He was quoted by at an event where "he was outfitted in a TikTokker haircut, camo fatigues, and what looked like Jordans."

Not only is Jon Tester a "multimillionaire," but Senator Kelly is one of the biggest gun-grabbing gun control supporters in the United States Senate. And that's who Jon Tester wanted to have by his side for the Montana Democrats' biggest event of the year?


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