Looking forward to seeing our friends in Dillon, Montana and Beaverhead County this weekend. I had the honor of being invited to serve as the keynote speaker for the Beaverhead County Lincoln Reagan Dinner coming up Saturday, March 4th, 2023.

As I understand it you can still purchase tickets if you act very fast- you will want to call them today. According to the flyer, this is who you can call for tickets to the beef dinner, which is also a great opportunity to mingle with statewide and local candidates.

Beaverhead Co. GOP contacts for tickets:

Nancy 683-2882, J.S. 660-6831, or Danna 834-3429

What do you think we should talk about? What are folks wanting to hear more about right now, especially during the Lincoln Reagan dinners across the state? (If you want, shoot me a note aaron (at) montanatalks.com)

I am thinking we could focus on the topic of "a national divorce" that has been in the news lately. I like the way Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) has referred to it- we don't need a national divorce, we need a national reconciliation. I think David Harsanyi with The Federalist said it best- we don't need a divorce, we need more Federalism.

I never know exactly what I will talk about, but I definitely am looking forward to seeing our friends in Dillon. Thanks to our Dillon-area listeners for the invite!


By the way, I snagged the iconic image above from a screenshot of a YouTube video. That video is included below. Who else is ready for Spring?


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