In case you missed it, Fox & Friends was LIVE from Bozeman, Montana on Friday morning. I first caught the Fox News morning show starting in the 4 a.m. hour mountain time.

Lawrence Jones, fresh after being named an official Fox & Friends co-anchor, was LIVE on location at the Open Range restaurant in downtown Bozeman.

Here's one of the highlights: Montana mom says her costs for groceries, bills have gotten 'crazy'

The local folks who showed up told Lawrence Jones how the wide open southern border is bringing more crime into Montana. They also told the national audience about the transient crisis in Bozeman, and how liberal city commissioners are trying to turn Bozeman, Montana into San Francisco, California.

Montana's US Senator Steve Daines (R-MT) also joined Fox & Friends from his hometown of Bozeman. When it comes to a potential government shutdown, he says if members of Congress can't get the budget done, they shouldn't get paid.

Senator Daines: We should put the pain on members of Congress. If you can’t get the budget bills passed, suspend their pay until they get it passed. Here’s the problem with the government shutdown, it costs the taxpayers billions of dollars for the disruptions. There’s no reason we should have to disrupt the services, cost the taxpayers more. Congress needs to act together. We’re $33 trillion in debt. Facing $2 trillion deficits. It’s time to cut spending. Get budgets passed. But this government shutdown nonsense, frankly, is going to hurt the American people, cost more money. It’s Congress that needs to get its act together.

Click below to watch the segment featuring Senator Daines. He also called in to our statewide radio show, Montana Talks with Aaron Flint, after the Fox & Friends segment.




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