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"We cannot eradicate Covid-19, but humans can help the virus grow to be more benign. To get there, we must enter the Transitional Phase, when Covid-19 transforms from pandemic to another common cold coronavirus."

That is the intro from a new book written by a doctor in Billings, Montana.

"From Killer to Common Cold"- a Montana infectious disease doctor recently authored a book on COVID-19. Dr. David Graham will join us on Wednesday's "Montana Talks" statewide radio show with Aaron Flint.

We had the opportunity to chat briefly with Dr. Graham shortly after his book was published, but now we will get to chat with him for the full hour on our statewide show.

This is especially timely given the news that a COVID vaccine may soon be available. Does a vaccine mean that you won't get COVID-19 again? No. That's what Dr. Graham told KTVQ-TV back in October:

"We know that you can get a common cold coronavirus and have the same darn strain six months or two years later. So, with COVID-19 the hope is some immunity (due to ) a vaccine, but chances are that it’s going to wain and you’re going to get COVID-19 again or you’re going to get the vaccine again," Graham said.

Dr. Graham's book, From Killer to Common Cold: Herd Protection and the Transitional Phase of Covid-19 launched worldwide October, 2020 and is available in paperback and eBook versions via Amazon Prime. The eBook version is also available via Barnes & Noble for Nook and Kobo.

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Join our conversation with Dr. David Graham on Montana Talks. The show goes statewide shortly after 9 a.m. on the following stations across Montana:

Billings: Newstalk 95.5 and 95.1 FM, 970 AM KBUL

Bozeman: 1450 KMMS

Livingston: 1340 KPRK

Missoula: AM930 and 99.7 FM KMPT

Kalispell: 880AM and 107.9 FM KJJR

Glendive: 1400AM and 103.1FM KXGN

ForsythKIKC 1250 AM, 94.5FM

Lewistown: 1230AM and 106.9FM

Wolf Point: 92.7FM KVCK

Fort Peck: 107.1FM KVCK

Shelby: 1150AM KSEN

Great Falls102.7FM KINX

Helena: 95.9FM KCAP

Butte: 1370 AM and 94.7 FM KXTL

Scobey: 95.7FM KCGM

Plentywood: 100.1FM KATQ

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