Gallatin County has begun planning transportation improvements to the greater triangle area. The 'Greater Triangle' refers to the area between Four Corners, Belgrade, and Bozeman and extends south to Gallatin Gateway. Gallatin County officials predict that increased development is likely to occur in the area in the future, and want to focus efforts to improve transportation infrastructure. Officials will evaluate investments based on system needs and anticipated developments over the next 20 years.

According to, transportation is a major concern to Gallatin County residents and is expected to remain a top priority as growth continues in the area and the challenges of accommodating travel become more difficult. Bozeman and Belgrade will be involved in planning efforts, but an emphasis will be placed on areas outside of both cities. Planning initially began in October 2020 and is expected to be completed by December 2021.

Officials are open to input from local residents and business owners in the greater triangle area. Public open house events are scheduled in the near future. A website has been developed to give people the opportunity to comment on the needs of the community’s transportation system. Multiple public outreach activities will be held over the course of plan development.

Depending on current health and safety restrictions, the meetings may be held in person or virtually through an online platform. To learn more about the 'Greater Triangle' transportation plan, visit the website for a full schedule. Click here to check out the Greater Triangle Area Transportation Plan Interactive Commenting Map.

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