Tuesday evening around 9:20 p.m., a 2.8 magnitude earthquake was recorded near Manhattan, Montana, by the USGS (United States Geological Survey). The depth of the quake was slightly over five miles below the surface. The quake was about 1.8 miles east-northeast of Churchill and about four miles from Belgrade.

An earlier quake occurred around 2:47 p.m., the earthquake was less than a mile deep and was recorded at a magnitude of 1.8 on the Richter scale. The quake occurred about eight miles northeast of Manhattan.

The seismic events were felt by many people in the Gallatin Valley including Belgrade and Bozeman.  See the location of the earthquakes on the map below.

Photo courtesy of the USGS
Photo courtesy of the USGS

Some of XL Nation did feel the quake and they stated the following:

  • "Yes, we felt and heard it around 9:20 in Belgrade. Real quick, but did shake my house!" - Terry in Belgrade
  • "Barely. Shook a few things and the wife felt it. That's the only reason I knew it happened." - Chris in Belgrade
  • "I thought I felt a little earthquake but the wind was blowing so hard I thought maybe my house shook from the wind." - Mel in Manhattan

If you felt the earthquake you can let the USGS know by filling out a survey about the recent earthquake by using the button below.

When it comes to the magnitude of these earthquakes, a 2.5 or less is not normally felt but can be recorded by a seismograph. An earthquake from 2.5 to 5.4 can typically be felt, but only cause minor damages, if any.


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