TikTok has become an incredibly popular platform for social media influencers, and two of Montana's most popular TikTik stars live right here in the Gallatin Valley.

Meet identical twins Brittany and Ashley Luly from Belgrade, Montana. You might know them as those_drywall_chicks on TikTok.

As the name implies, the Luly twins specialize in the drywall throughout southwest Montana. Brittany and Ashley learned everything that they know from their father, Steve Luly, who has worked in the drywall industry for over 40 years. The Luly sisters have worked in the industry for about 12 years.

In 2017, Brittany decided to create an Instagram account that highlighted her various drywall projects. Shortly after, Brittany convinced Ashley to join her and the pair created the those_drywall_chicks account. Since creating the account in 2019, the Luly twins have managed to attract over 555,000 followers. One video shared on the account has been viewed over 17.5 million times.

@those_drywall_chicks The access hole was buried by the hanging crew…so here’s a video how-to start from square one!!😁 #foryou #drywall #fyp #construction #beforeandafter ♬ Charleston Girl (Live) - Tyler Childers

Brittany and Ashley do drywall for a living and never thought that they would eventually become TikTok stars.

I have no idea how one of our videos got over 17 million views. It's pretty crazy.

said Ashley Luly of those_drywall_chicks.

Recently, the team added a third member named Tienisha. A video of Tienisha getting freaked out by a spider was one of the latest videos to go viral on TikTok.

@those_drywall_chicks 3 drywall chicks vs. 100’s of spiders!!!😫😂😂 #spider #construction #foryou #fyp #funny #stutterstep ♬ original sound - Brit & Ash

In addition to TikTok, those_drywall_chicks share content on Instagram on a regular basis as well.

Those_drywall_chicks aren't the only Montanans who have seen success as TikTik has grown over the last few years. Several other Montanans have become popular content creators on the platform, which is projected to become the 3rd most popular social media network in 2022.

REID is another popular TikToker in the Bozeman area. His account has over 300,000 followers. He does his own takes on memes, life in Montana, and some instructional plumbing content.

@a_raccoons_diq 80% of my job is just finding a way to make it work #plumber #tradesman #bluecollar #construction #highvizmafia #workgrind #laborindustry #montana ♬ The Way I Live - Baby Boy da Prince

There's Tucker, who lives near Martinsdale and works as a rancher. He gives a lot of insight into life in modern Montana in the agriculture industry and frequently captures the incredible beauty of his property and the quiet moments spent enjoying it.

@southeasterns0n #babyitscoldoutside #winter #snow #foryou #agadvocate #fypage #ranching #heiferherd #yearlings ♬ original sound - Tucker

Andy Austin's a photographer in Montana and, well, just look:

@andyaustinphoto This sunset forever lives in my mind. Storm clouds spoiled our plans, but the sun had other ideas. #Missoula #Montana ♬ sonido original - taufer.lyrics

Lily in Missoula has an incredible style and makes very cool stuff, including videos like this:

Another of my most memorable 2021 moments
♬ original sound - Lily

And Kaylen, who shares her music and explores life in Missoula as a lifelong Montanan and highlighting pieces of the state that still feel like home.

@kaylenalan Reply to @kacob_4eva ♬ original sound - Kaylen Krebsbach

Did we miss anyone? Drop us a line with your favorite Montana TikTok creator.

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