Hopefully, two new school board members can start initiating change. Another abysmal report out today from the National Assessment of Educational Progression on our proficiency levels for Civics and History.

Our 8th graders can't even describe the basic structure and functions of our government. Add that to the already horrifying proficiency levels in math and reading and we have a train wreck on our hands.

If you go to Public School Review you can track the success that your school is having. The school that is doing the best in Montana is Bozeman High School, with a proficiency level of 53 percent in math and 66 percent in reading. Red Lodge has some of the best Class B numbers with 35 percent in math and 65 percent in reading. Roundup school has some of the worst with 25 percent in Math and only 15 percent able to read at their grade level.

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Reading is definitely the pathway to all other subjects' success. If you can't read and comprehend you are doomed. Plus keep in mind if they can't reach these levels they are still graduated and pushed into the real world lacking skills.

For example, Hardin high school has a 5 percent proficiency level in math and a 6-9 percent level in reading and still has an 80-85 percent graduation rate.

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Are we doing all of our Montana kids a favor by moving them through not 100% prepared? Something has to change and accountability is needed to change it otherwise it's just steady as she goes. I feel for these kids, we know they can learn, but do we make them?

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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