Paying more for better seats It's been going on at concerts forever. front row will cost you more than the nosebleed seats. And pro sports have run their business the same way. The closer to the court/field, the more the tickets cost. And we've all been fine with it.

Then a couple of weeks ago, some movie theatres announced that seats would cost different amounts depending on where you wanted to sit.

Now I see that the Montana Grizzly Football team will let you spend a little extra cash so that you can drink beer in the stadium. Paul and I were talking this morning and neither of us knows why you haven't been able to drink beer inside the stadium all of these years. Because at halftime in Missoula, everybody heads back out to the parking lot for "Tailgate Part 2". It would make sense to let people have a beer inside the stadium.

They're calling it The Grizzly Den. You already have to be a season ticket holder. then you have to pay somewhere between $60-$320 plus an additional $250-$270 per season. And I have no doubt that this area will be sold out.

Hey, I always buy the best concert tickets that I can get my hands on. I always get as close as I can to the front of the airplane when I fly. And even though I don't mind the occasional cold beer, I don't think that I'm going to put out the money for season tickets plus another (just using the minimums) $60, then another $250. That's a pricey alcoholic beverage.

But they have figured out that people will pay for it.

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