“Wyoming has no plans to require vaccine passports or require participation in a vaccine passport program,” Gordon spokesman Michael Pearlman told Cowboy State Daily.

Pearlman went on to say that, at this point, there is not any indication that the federal government was going that way.

At the beginning of April, several New York City and state news publications reported that they were considering vaccine passports for their state and cities.

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New York’s Excelsior Pass, which launched last Friday, making it the first state to debut a COVID-19 vaccine passport. This would provide a QR code on a person's phone that could be used to show they have been vaccinated before they are allowed to enter a sporting event, concert or other crowded venues. The holder of the code would just wave their phone allowing a scanner to read it. A green light would let them pass.

Several other cites and states are discussing the same idea, as well as airlines. This prompted Florida's governor to issue an executive order banning such a passport in his state.

During an April 2nd interview with Wyoming Public Media, Governor Gordon was asked about mandates in the state of Wyoming. The Governor spoke of Wyoming returning to normal and not going back unless there was some massive surge in cases, which he does not foresee.

Wyoming has not been mandate free, like South Dakota. At the same time, the COVID mandates the state has had have not been enforced. During this time, as I have traveled the state, I've seen as many people choosing to follow these so-called mandates as those choosing not to.

Some of Wyoming's favorite events are returning in 2121. What restrictions there might be will be light compared to some other states.

The video below shows how these passports would work in some cases.

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