You likely heard about the news surrounding the leadership battle in the US House of Representatives. There is another leadership battle brewing in the Republican Party that will come to a head on January 27th.

Harmeet Dhillon is a solid conservative pro-life lawyer who has also stood up to challenge some of the crazy COVID mandates, she's fought to protect children from the radical transgender movement, and more. Harmeet is a candidate for chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC) and joined us recently on "Montana Talks with Aaron Flint."

Her candidacy is gaining momentum here in Montana. She already has the support of two past Montana GOP chairs like Debra Lamm and Jeff Essmann. She also has the backing of our friend Jeremy Carl, a senior fellow with the Claremont Institute who lives in Bozeman.

Three Montanans will cast votes later this month to determine whether Harmeet or current RNC Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel will serve as the party chair moving forward. The three committeemen from Montana are Debra Lamm, Art Wittich, and Montana GOP Chair Don "K" Kaltschmidt.

Harmeet Dhillon talked about why we need to see a change at the RNC.

Harmeet Dhillon: Really the issue is that after six years of not winning elections or underperforming, I think in the last election cycle we can say that, the whole situation we saw going on at the capitol with the Speaker's race- wouldn't have happened if there had been a decisive red wave as was promised. And so the whole country is suffering, and I think part of that is because the Republican Party has fallen short on delivering results at the ballot box, and they're not adapting to the modern ways of voting that we don't like and they're not very secure- but while we have them we have to compete with the Democrats by outperforming them with the rules that we have. And then we have not done a great job in reminding voters of the sharp contrast between the positive and Constitutionally based vision that our party offers, and the chaos and destruction that the Democrats are offering. And so I think these are things that we can improve on with the help of my colleagues at the RNC. And donors are demanding it, and voters are demanding it, and our legislators are demanding it so somebody has to step up and provide it.

Later in the morning, I had my regularly scheduled chat with Don "K" and at the tail end of the conversation I asked him which way he is leaning. He says McDaniel has been very good to the Montana GOP under McDaniel's leadership, and given the state GOP all the resources and support they need. Listen to both conversations below with Harmeet joining in the 7A hour about half way through, and then Don K's remarks at about the halfway point in the 8A hour.

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