I don't know about you, but I think Montanans are done with the politicization of COVID-19, and all of the shots being shoved down our throat. You wanna get the shot- get the shot. Likewise, if people don't get the shot- why keep making it an issue?

Check out this screenshot from the latest press release sent out by RiverStone Health in Billings, Montana. Riverstone also serves as the home for the Yellowstone County Health Department. In the same press release where they encourage COVID shots "for children as young as six months and everyone older," they also share the latest COVID death numbers out of Yellowstone County.

As you can see below, all but one of the latest deaths attributed to COVID-19 also say "he was vaccinated." I say again: all but one of the latest COVID deaths got the COVID "vaccine." In the same press release, they once again "encourage" Montanans as young as 6 months old to get the COVID shot.

From Riverstone Health press release.
From Riverstone Health press release.

RiverStone Health added this when it comes to the latest numbers:

The October and September death reports were relayed by the Yellowstone County Clerk and Recorder’s Office upon receiving the death certificates. All six men had underlying health conditions that put them at high risk for severe illness from COVID-19 infection.

Putting COVID-19 aside, one elderly man also recently died from the flu, and the Health Department made a point of sending a press release out saying the elderly man "was not vaccinated."

The flu is something that definitely has been more of a concern for children than COVID-19, but you'll remember that we didn't shut down schools and the economy over the flu.

What's my point?

I don't want to knock RiverStone Health for sharing data, and important public information. I just think it's time to stop shining a spotlight through formal press releases on a family that recently lost a loved one. Especially when it comes to an elderly man who didn't get a flu shot.

Why it matters

It matters because we still have US military personnel and healthcare workers who are suffering and being discriminated against under these COVID mandates. We probably wouldn't care as much about an organization recommending the shot, if our government wasn't still forcing people to get it.

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