This case should have been laughed out of the courtroom. If it wasn't for a liberal judge occupying the bench in Helena, Montana- Held vs. The State of Montana would have been laughed out of the courtroom.

Watching the local press coverage has been yet another embarrassment for the #journalism crowd. You can see how the local media is just gushing over this lawsuit, despite the fact that the whole thing is driven by astro-turf Left-wing special interest groups.

What is Held v. Montana? The kids climate case as it is being referred to. Here's some background put together by E&E News.

Much like the Soviet-style show trials that we have seen targeting former President Donald Trump, former Montana Senate Majority Leader Jeff Essmann (R-Billings) was right to call the climate kids' lawsuit a "show trial" as well. "They should march on Beijing. That is actually a bigger threat," added Essmann via Twitter.

Here's why this is so absurd. Communist China is building a coal-fired power plant every single week (in 2022 the numbers were even higher). Even friendlier countries like India are ramping up their coal production. Meanwhile in the United States, we actually lowered our carbon dioxide emissions, especially under the pro-American energy production administration of President Trump.

How did we, in part, lower emissions? Natural gas. Yet, some of these same environmental activists cheerleading the Held case, are the same folks trying to block a natural gas power plant in Laurel, Montana.

If you actually think carbon dioxide emissions are the culprit, maybe the folks using the climate kids as props should try attacking China instead of Montana.



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