The election is now about a week away. Thank the good Lord that we're almost through what seems like the most contentious, spite-filled, angry, triggered, COVID- fatigued election of all time. Many residents in Yellowstone County have already voted, either by dropping off their ballot in-person at the election office, at MetraPark or via the USPS.

If you have trust issues with the mail system, or if you just want to verify that your ballot was accepted, you can track your vote. I'm always nervous clicking on Facebook links that claim to be voter resources but end up leading you to a candidate's website or some other 3rd party political page. This ballot tracking website is directly from the State of Montana, so it's legit. Click on the link, then hit the Go to My Voter Page button.


It'll ask for your name and birthdate and will then take you to a page that shows the date your ballot was mailed and the date it was received/processed. Mine showed it was sent on 10/9 and I submitted it on 10/20. Right on the money. The website can also help answer a number of FAQ's regarding voting this year and what to do if you haven't received a ballot.

Ballots in Yellowstone County can be mailed or dropped off at the 1st floor of the courthouse or at MetraPark (there's even a drive-thru). If your ballot is still sitting on the kitchen counter, don't wait to submit it. All ballots must be received by 8 p.m. on 11/3.

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