Thanks to Bill in Miles City, Montana. He sent us a note telling us that we need to see Ken Bogner's Facebook post. We checked it out. State Senator Ken Bogner (R-Miles City) nailed it.

Have you been seeing any of the 2024 campaign commercials here in Montana? I don't usually catch too many TV commercials, but while I was watching the Cat-Griz football game recently I spotted one of liberal Senator Jon Tester's (D-MT) commercials.

Did you see the one where Tester pretends to go tough on the Communist Chinese? It was so laughable. He brags about introducing a bill to block the Communist Chinese from owning farmland. Uhh, but what happened with your bill Jon? It's gone nowhere in Congress. Meanwhile, Ken Bogner PASSED the bill through the Montana Legislature and Governor Greg Gianforte (R-MT) signed it into law.

Much like the Keystone Pipeline which Jon Tester helped to kill, Tester wants you to think he supports something without actually doing anything to make it happen.

But Jon Tester's Ken Bogner identity theft goes much further than just the farmland bill, as Bogner points in this must-watch video:

Ken Bogner: This guy's been stealing from me. He's all over TV, and his entire campaign is built on my stolen identity. I'll give you exhibit a: my foreign adversary bill. I introduced the bill on January 26th, and a week later old Johnny introduces it as his. And now it's in all his campaign ads. Exhibit B: my constitutional amendment to protect data. I passed this bill last year. Guess what? He introduces it as his just in time for campaign ads. And it's not just my bills he's using for votes. He's stealing my videos, too. I could keep going on here, but I think you're getting the picture. So next time you see one of his campaign ads, just know that none of it's true. It's all stolen from me just to campaign on. But what he can't steal from me, is that I've actually passed these bills. So John, quit stealing my sh...


What a great point he finished with. Jon Tester introduces the same bills Ken Bogner introduces, but Bogner gets the job done- while Tester just talks about it for fake campaign videos.


You can watch the full video below. Or click here if you're having trouble seeing it below. 

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