Three illegal aliens were among the 18 people arrested in a human trafficking prostitution sting operation in Bozeman, Montana recently. We learned shocking new information about those arrests, and much more, during a chat with Montana's Attorney General Austin Knudsen (R-MT).

Here's part of our conversation earlier this week:

Aaron Flint: It's not a big leap to think that there could be Mexican drug cartel involvement, especially given the human trafficking operation that's flowing across our southern border

AG Knudsen: No, absolutely not. And what's what's more concerning to me is, I mean, yeah we see some drugs. But look, some of these guys that showed up pretty clearly had bad intent. Again, I'm not going to go into too much detail here but they showed up with some weapons and some things that made very clear. You know, they were not just there to meet and visit a prostitute. They had some pretty bad intention here. So I think you're right. It's not a stretch to to see that this was probably either organized gang activity, but potentially looking to to kidnap somebody and get them involved into more human trafficking.

AG Knudsen credits the passage of House Bill 112 during Montana's Legislative Session with new found abilities to crack down on human trafficking in the state.

AG Knudsen: If you haven't seen the movie Sound of Freedom yet, you absolutely should go see it. Incredibly moving. But don't kid yourself, these things are happening here in Montana.

The Attorney General also talked about new penalties for fentanyl dealers, and says the law will also help with a prosecution in Eastern Montana following fentanyl deaths that were announced by Custer County.

Full audio with AG Knudsen is included in the 2nd half of the below podcast:

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