Can you still register to vote, get a ballot, and vote on election day in any county in Montana? Yes. Even in the era of COVID-19, and what has been billed as an unprecedented "mail-in election." But you better be ready for a wait, maybe even a long wait at some of the county election offices.

We spoke with Austin James, he's the Chief Legal Counsel for the Montana Secretary of State's office on Monday for some important election day reminders.

One of the questions we got during our radio interview was from Jean in Kalispell. She wanted to know how late county election offices will be open across the state. James pointed out that all of the election offices have to stay open until 8 p.m. under Montana election law. As long as you show up and are in line before 8 p.m. your vote will be counted, but you must meet the 8 p.m. deadline.

And of course, if we haven't already stated the obvious- do not put your ballot in the mail. It will not get to the election office in time, even if the county election office is in your same town.

What about election security, and poll monitors? Austin James is encouraging Montanans to report any issues pertaining to fair elections or suspicious activity at the polls to their Fair Elections reporting website.

If you want to confirm whether or not your ballot has been received- click here to check on the Montana Secretary of State website.

What about people campaigning at the polling locations? Can you wear political face masks? Check out the answers by listening to the full audio with Austin James by clicking below:

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