Is Montana Congressman Matt Rosendale (R-MT02) running for re-election in the Eastern Congressional district? There's still no official word, and even though there were some headlines over the weekend suggesting he is running- that still could not be the case.

When Rosendale announced on February 15th that he was dropping out of the US Senate race, he also said that he would soon decide whether or not to run for re-election in the US House.

10 days later and still no official word. But then over the weekend there were some news headlines suggesting that Rosendale indeed was running for re-election in the US House because he filed paperwork with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC).

Bradley Warren with Wake Up Montana appears to have gotten the story correct for now, though. Warren reported that "Congressmen Matt Rosendale filed with the Federal Election Commission as a house candidate in MT-02 early Saturday morning." But he also added this:

To actively run in the second congressional district the congressman would still need to file with the Secretary of State, which has not happened yet.

So why file the paperwork with the FEC? Warren added this:

There is potential per multiple sources it could have been done to allow for maintenance to his accounts for existing funds and their potential transfer.

In other words, this could simply have been a procedural move for Rosendale as he continues to make his decision. KTVH-TV also reported that Rosendale wasn't making an official announcement yet.

Meanwhile, the long list of potential US House candidates for the Eastern Montana seat don't seem to be holding back.

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