The big question.

This is a serious question and I would really like the answer. Why do people who vote for Democrats not live like Democrats and embrace their direction for America? I really want to know

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Do as I say, not as I do.

If you vote Democrat you should all be driving electric cars. You should all have solar panels on your roof. And your home does not need to be over 1200 square feet.

I'm sure by now you have removed your gas stove and water heater. You are probably really happy to pay 4 dollars plus for gas that was the intention to get people off fossil fuels and go electric. You are probably glad rent has skyrocketed with the 7 million illegals that have overwhelmed the housing market.

Do you eat meat? Why? You should be using Beyond Meat at your barbecues. Do you hunt? Or did you forget that ruins our forests and public lands?

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