What is Montana?

This isn't the first time Montana has been featured on Jeopardy! It's happened a number of times over the years, including last year when a Montanan was on the popular game show.

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There was that time back in 2019 when Missoula was featured on a Jeopardy! question, too.

The question... wait, no, the statement:

Ogren Park, home diamond to this state's Missoula Osprey, has a live osprey nest beyond the outfield fence.


That's correct, Ace, well done!


Montana appeared on Friday, March 8th's edition of the hit TV show. Specifically, a city in Montana appeared on the show.

Can you solve the clue? Here it is:

"Surname of settler John, who blazed a trail to Montana & left his name on a city there."

The answer, err, the question...

Who is Bozeman

One of the contestants, Yogesh Raut out of Vancouver, Washington, guessed it correctly. Fortunately for Raut, it was a Daily Double clue, too. Our guy Yogesh laid it all on the line and made it a true daily double by wagering all of the $1,800 he had to his name.

The Daily Double boosted Raut to a victory on the day with over $21,000.

Well done, Yogesh.

John Bozeman fun facts

Britannica cites Bozeman as the originator of the Bozeman Trail (makes sense right?). Bozeman was a Georgia native before moving to Montana in search of gold.

I also am assuming he would be an MSU Bobcat fan, so... shame on you, John.

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