*Update Monday January 15, 2024: We are still awaiting more information on the wrong way driver. The Montana Highway Patrol is still working to complete the investigation.

On January 4, 2024, the Montana Highway Patrol investigated a two-vehicle fatality crash on Interstate 90 outside of Three Forks.  This crash involved a vehicle traveling the wrong way and tragically took the life of a 22-year-old female from Belgrade. Our troopers and crash reconstructionist are diligently working to complete the investigation and will be forwarding their findings to the Gallatin County Attorney for review and criminal charges. The wrong way driver is a Montana resident and is not in the country illegally.

However, in another recent wrong-way incident in Gallatin County did involve a suspected illegal immigrant who was charged with 37 counts of criminal endangerment, traveling the wrong way on a highway, and DUI. The suspect was stopped by a trooper before anyone was hurt.

*Update Thursday Morning Jan. 11, 2024: The Gallatin County Attorney tells me that "do not have any reports yet from Law Enforcement," but once she does her office will have more info about charges etc.

Why don't we have any information on the suspect who allegedly killed a young mom while wrong way driving on the interstate in Bozeman? Several of you have been messaging us and asking that question. We even had a caller raise the question on the radio Monday morning.

I want you to know that I have sent messages to the Gallatin County Sheriff's Office, the Bozeman Police Department, and also placed a phone call with the Gallatin County Attorney's office to get an update on this case. I will let you know once we get more information.

It has been nearly a week since 22-year-old Laysa Grewell was killed by a wrong way driver on I90. Tragically, her longtime boyfriend Kody had to celebrate the birthday of their one year old daughter without mom.

Apparently there has been a big increase in wrong way driving, according to Sheriff Dan Springer in a recent Bozeman Daily Chronicle story. "Almost all of the 2023 incidents involved a driver entering the interstate in the wrong direction via an off-ramp and intoxicants such as drugs and alcohol are often involved," Springer told the BDC.

Here's what else folks are talking about, and they're wondering if this may be the reason why we aren't getting more info in this case: remember the two wrong way drunk driving incidents towards the end of the year? There were two different illegal aliens in two different cases that were busted for wrong way drunk driving on the interstate in Bozeman.

That may not be the case here, but folks are certainly wondering why we haven't heard any info about the latest wrong way driving incident near Bozeman.

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