What very well might be the tiniest apartment in all of New York City is currently in need of a new tenant who is willing to pay $1,200 a month.

Tiniest Apartment In Manhattan Tour

New York-based realtor Omer Labock first called out the cozy dwelling in a video he shared with his thousands of followers on social media. Much of Labock's following was built thanks to his quick-hit videos showing pricy housing throughout New York City.

"This has to be the tiniest apartment in all of Manhattan," Labock says as viewers see him walk into a small room with one window and a storage closet.

And, that's it. There's nothing else in the apartment.

No kitchen. No bathroom.

Well, there is a bathroom. You just have to walk out into the hall and use a toilet and shower that is shared with other tenants on the floor.

"This is the entire apartment. You can't make this stuff up."

The apartment totals 115 square feet and runs $1,200 a month.

Further Evidence Proving Lack Of Affordable Housing

While it may be amusing to some to watch a realtor touch the walls of an apartment with both of his outstretched arms at the same time, there is something to be learned from the video.

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Business Insider says the viral video provides further proof of the current rental market is not sustainable for many Americans. The website reported the median price for a studio apartment in New York City is hovering around $3,000 a month.

At least some of them don't require walking down the hall to use the bathroom.

States With The Cheapest Rent

Of course, there are plenty of areas in the U.S. where you'll find cheaper rent prices if you're willing to live someplace that isn't as densely populated as New York City.

Forbes.com's report on the average rent by state has North Dakota as the most affordable at $880 a month, nearly $100 cheaper than the next lowest, Iowa.

"In addition to cheap rent, the Peace Garden State has some of the country's lowest utility prices thanks to a thriving energy prices," Forbes says of North Dakota. "Its state and local taxes are reasonable as well.

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