Do you want to buy a cool old bar in Roundup, MT?

If I didn't have to commute to Billings every day for work, I could find myself enjoying a quiet life in the central Montana town of Roundup pretty easily. Homes remain fairly affordable, the surrounding scenery is nice, and I think it's a charming little town with cool old buildings and down-to-earth people.

Every time we've stopped for food or drinks or a gas station pitstop, our experiences in Roundup have been pleasant. And for what it's worth, I feel like the community retains an authentic, "Montana" small-town vibe that seems to be disappearing fast in Big Sky Country.

Images via Northwest Realty and Auction
Images via Northwest Realty and Auction

The Arcade Bar in Roundup can be yours for $295,000.

We love historic Montana bars, and the Arcade - while updated - retains much of its cool-old-bar feeling. It was built in 1917 and the original back bar is just one example of well-preserved, Montana bar history. There's an interesting secret in the basement too...  an old bowling alley. No joke.

casino area at the Arcade
Images via Northwest Realty and Auction

Liquor license, gaming, food.

The listing details a turn-key operation that includes a full beverage liquor and catering license, casino, and inventory on-site.

Images via Northwest Realty and Auction
Images via Northwest Realty and Auction

It's a big space.

The bar currently serves a limited menu, but some updates are already in place for potential kitchen expansion. Each floor is over 3,000 square feet and the basement has one of the coolest-looking old bowling alleys we've ever seen.

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an antique bowling alley in the basement of the bar
Images via Northwest Realty and Auction

Antique bowling alley in the basement.

This is so cool. The Arcade Bar in Roundup has the original four-lane bowling alley in the basement. The listing notes,

The lanes are historic and required pin setters, people who would place the bowling balls on the return, taking the ball all the way back to the players.

The lanes need some work but think of the possibilities. You can see all the pictures and complete details from brokerage Northwest Realty and Auction HERE. Next time you're passing through Roundup, stop by the Arcade Bar and check it out. Bars like this seem to get rarer every year.

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