Everyone has experienced the "heebie-jeebies" or that feeling of being creeped out at some point. Researchers still debate what exactly causes humans to become anxious, nervous, and scared in certain, otherwise benign situations. A building is just a building, right? Nothing to be scared of. The Oxford Scientist wrote,

While the nature of creepiness is still a scientific conundrum, the entertainment industry has been exploring the recipes to create creepy situations for decades – and quite successfully so.

For example, they noted in their article a study that shows how people generally have favorable views of robots that are cute (think Wall-E), but the more humanlike the androids become, the more they give us the creeps.

Photo by Peter Herrmann on Unsplash
Photo by Peter Herrmann on Unsplash

Can houses be creepy too?

Absolutely! We've all been in old, abandoned places that certainly seem to give off bad vibes. But are those places actually haunted, or do they just feel creepy because they're old and our imagination is running out of control? Thanks a lot, Hollywood.

Lots of creepiness in Montana.

The data analysts at HomeAdivsor.com just released a report about states with the most creepy and haunted houses. Thankfully, we're not at the top when it comes to haunted houses on the market (defined as "properties with death, homicide, or paranormal reports") but we came in at #7 for creepy places on the market.

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Credit: HomeAdvisor.com
Credit: HomeAdvisor.com

What makes them creepy?

HomeAdvisor.com defined creepy homes as properties "with crime, death, homicide, damage, drug, paranormal and sketchy reports." My hunch is that Montana made the Top 10 on this list for two main reasons.

  • Drug use. In Montana, home sellers are required to disclose any information regarding known methamphetamine use or manufacture in any property for sale.
  • High suicide rate. Sadly, we're 3rd in the nation for suicide.

Perhaps the creepiest thing about housing in Montana is that it's becoming frighteningly expensive. Locals (earning local wages) are being priced out of affordable housing at a record pace. That's what's really scary. You can find out what states have the most - allegedly - haunted houses for sale HERE.

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