Love Donald Trump or not you've got to admit that's an impressive airplane he flies around in.

When Trump first boarded Air Force One as president he was said to have been unimpressed.

That makes sense since Air Force One doesn't have GOLD TRIM all over the place.

A few years back Trump's daughter landed in Cheyenne for a short vacation in Saratoga. The plane was parked at the airport with big letters announcing TRUMP on the side. Crowds gathered to take photos of the famous plane.

So what does it look like on the inside?

Have a look at the video below. Yeah, you're going to be impressed. 

It's one of the largest corporate jets on the planet.

This Boeing 757, is complete with a home cinema, two bedrooms, and enough gold to plate a Greyhound bus!

Meals for long trips are cooked off the plane by a chef and crew. You'll be impressed by the top-of-the-line meals created for Trump and his people.

Trump has one stewardess who works full-time on the plane and has for many years. Yeah, she's gorgeous. You'll see her in this video. She's also part of the flight crew and trained to help all of the passengers in case of an emergency.

Trump insisted that the plane be fitted with Rolls-Royce engines, making them some of the most reliable, fastest, and fuel-efficient in the world. They are also among the quietest, despite their size. That allows Trump to land places that usually are off-limits due to local noise ordinances.

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The flight deck is impressive too. Only the latest state-of-the-art.

With all of that you might wonder how much it costs to fly, or even just own without flying.

The plane is worth $100 Million.

The cost to fly this plane, crew fuel and all, is about $18,000 per hour. (CNN).

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