We know they're here. We just don't know how many are here. So here's a friendly public service announcement for all of the illegal aliens in Montana: California is now offering free healthcare to ALL illegal aliens.

That's right. It's about to get really cold here in Montana. So why not move to California and get your free healthcare?

For those who haven't seen the news yet, starting January 1st, 2024, a new law went into effect in Cali. As Fox News Radio reported on New Years Day,

In CA all illegal immigrants became eligible for health insurance under the state's program for low income residents. The Golden State will also now require some stores to have gender neutral toy departments.

How do we know that there are illegal aliens living here in Montana? It's hard to know who and how many given the devious way that the Biden Administration is allowing illegals to enter the country. Here's why we know that there are definitely illegal aliens here in Montana: arrest reports.

As you may recall, three illegal aliens were arrested in Bozeman, Montana last summer as part of a human trafficking sting operation that netted 18 individuals. The illegal aliens showed up to solicit a prostitute, but let's just say- they didn't come armed with cash...but they certainly had weapons.

Then, in late November/ early December we told you about the two illegal aliens arrested after wrong way drunk driving on the interstate in two separate incidents within two weeks.

I also shared this information in that same story back in December:

(As a side note: when searching for info on Andres Mejia-Ocampo I came up with info about another Mejia-Campo...a Mexican citizen who pleaded guilty to distributing meth in Billings and Bozeman)


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