Did you hear the latest info that came out during the Christmas break regarding the China spy balloon that hovered over the nuclear missile silos here in Montana? Montana Senator Steve Daines (R-MT) is calling it yet another sign of a cover up by the Biden Administration.

Daines was responding to an NBC report that the Chinese spy balloon used an American internet service provider to communicate with the Communist Chinese government.

I spoke with Senator Daines earlier this week in our first LIVE radio show of 2024.

Senator Daines: I call it a Chinese trial balloon as well as the spy balloon. They were testing the resolve of the oval office of commander in chief and he flunked- like he flunked almost every single foreign policy test, he flunked again....the Biden ministration wanted to cover the whole thing up. They knew about this spy balloon four or days before it came into the continental United States.

We also talked with Senator Daines about the 2024 election map for the US Senate races. The last time I spoke with Senator Daines, he predicted that West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) would drop out of the race- and essentially hand the seat to the GOP.

Daines talked about how he has been working closely with President Trump to get better candidates across the finish line for 2024. Daines is the Chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee. His task is to win back GOP control of the US Senate.

Senator Daines: We've got to find candidates that first,hold our America First strong conservative values, but also can win Aaron. Winners make policy, losers go home. You've got to be able to win. You got to be able to have an appeal across not just our strong red base but also the independent voters. I think about Ronald Reagan was that kind of conservative leader that has an appeal over a broader spectrum of the electorate. And that's what we're looking for in terms of recruiting candidates. That's who Tim Sheehy is here in Montana. Somebody who has served their country honorably, wearing the uniform like Tim Sheehy. That's the kind of candidate that appeals towards a broader spectrum that can win the state of Montana. In West Virginia- we worked closely with President Trump. We got him to endorse Governor Jim justice who we recruited into the race. Sometimes I feel like I'm a college football coach here. You're trying to recruit great athletes that can win on the field. We've recruited great candidates. That was the case in West Virginia, and Joe Manchin saw the writing on the wall.

Keep an eye on our podcast page, full audio should be posted soon.

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