Pot, pot, and more pot. That seems to be the big push when it comes to this popular "recreational" activity.

I used to think it was hunting, fishing, camping, riding a bike etc. But not now, it's recreational pot. So you can only imagine what a kid thinks when you tell him that pot is now recreational.

Of course, it's not legal for kids under 21. So if you're concerned about your school or business there is an option for you to keep your facility free from the substance: A new company is out there in Billings called K316 Detection.

The owner has a locally-'retired' drug dog. Their agency no longer needed a marijuana dog so K316 now offers its services, and Mira's skills, to local businesses and schools that are concerned with drugs on campus or your work site.

Their dog Mira is a German short-haired pointer that has worked in all environments and has searched everything from vehicles, lockers, luggage, and parcels to buildings and open areas, and can track missing persons.


In fact, if you would like the dog to make a sweep at your school, Mark and I will help pay the tab through our foundation to keep your school a drug-free environment.

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It's just that important not to get our youth involved with something that the CDC even says is bad for you.

Get your kid a bike to pass the time instead. That recreational activity will be far more beneficial for them in a long run.

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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