There was an article on the Associated Press wire today about the famous rescue dog Ruby. The dog's story started at the shelter and was rescued and put to work in the K-9 unit in Rhode Island.

Her story became a Netflix movie hit after she helped rescue a teenage boy who was severely injured while hiking in the woods. After a sudden, acute, and untreatable illness the wonderful 11-year-old girl had to be euthanized to end her suffering. She faced euthanization at the start of her life too but luckily was saved to do great things.

I can't help but think about the disparities between the value we put on human life versus animals. As a society, we seem to show deep compassion and emotional feelings for our animals, yet do not apply that same criterion when it comes to human life.

When you think of all the great things these babies could become and the differences they could make, and yet talk about them as disposable items rather than human beings.

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Having to euthanize a pet is traumatic for most, and never celebrated like abortions. It actually is celebrated as a remarkable health care option for women.

I'll never quite understand that, but I know when I had to shoot one of my dogs it was something that has stuck with me and brings me great sorrow.

I can't imagine what a woman must feel like for that unborn child. I do know though what it would have felt like if I DIDN'T do it.

Give that little one a chance and go on to do great things like Ruby, the dog that was given a chance at life.

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