I'm a lifelong liberal. I'm not leaving Montana. I'm leaving the Democrat Party. That's what a caller, Kim in Bozeman, had to say on our statewide radio talk show Tuesday morning.

She then cited the border, the crime, and other issues for why she now describes herself as "a former lifelong liberal."

Kim in Bozeman: I'm calling just to let you know that I am a former lifelong liberal. I'm a third generation Montana. I have fifth generation grandkids that are Montanans, and I'm not moving anywhere. I'm switching parties. And that's what I'm getting from most of my liberal friends and relatives. From the lockdowns, their mandates, their censorship, the uncontrolled border bringing fentanyl up here and killing young kids in our backyard. This is insanity. What they're doing to our schools. This is insanity. I know I'm forgetting something. The border. The crime. You see it right here. You can't keep letting criminals out of jail. I'm just, I'm beside myself. So I'm not moving anywhere.

Listen to the full call below, along with reactions from me (@aaronflint on Twitter) and John Jackson (@pvtjokerus on Twitter):

What prompted the conversation? We were talking about a tweet from Tim Adams suggesting that more liberals are leaving Montana following the GOP takeover of all the major statewide offices in the 2020 elections. Here is the tweet from Tim below.

By the way, I reported a similar story back in May of 2021 after a liberal bookstore in Helena reported hearing the same thing- that liberal voters were planning to leave the state following the 2020 elections. How many more will leave if the 2022 elections don't go their way either?

Click here for my story from back in May of 2021.

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