When I first saw the news that a district judge in Montana blocked a bill that protects kids from the radical transgender surgeries and life altering drugs, I said- I bet $20 the judge was appointed by former Democrat Gov. Steve Bullock (D-MT). It didn't take a genius to figure that one out.

Yep. A liberal judge appointed to the bench by a former Democrat governor is exactly who blocked Senate Bill 99 by State Sen. John Fuller (R-Kalispell).

Jeff Laszloffy with the Montana Family Foundation told supporters in his latest legislative update that "an activist judge strikes again."

In his decision blocking SB 99, Laszloffy says Judge Jason Marks of Missoula "created a list of terms and in so doing, he completely adopted the terminology of the left and ignored the definitions provided by the Montana legislature, even going so far as to use the term cisgender to describe real men and women."

Laszloffy added the the judge's decision "was predicated in large part on youth and their parents making informed choices. Despite the growing evidence that children as young as nine that proceed down these paths are not mature enough to understand the true ramifications of these types of life changing decisions, as evidenced by the rapidly growing number of D transitioners, stopping their cross sex hormones and undergoing reconstructive surgery to repair the damage."

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