We got a mid-summer rodeo update from Montana's own Will Rasmussen while he was announcing the Bigfork Rodeo.

Bigfork, Montana is definitely the place to be for the 4th of July. Bigfork features one of the best parades in Montana, and has a great whitewater festival earlier in the summer as well.

Last week, after the 4th, is when Bigfork hosted their rodeo featuring some big names. That's where we caught up with Montana rodeo announcer Will Rasmussen who last year was named Rodeo Announcer of the Year by the Women's PRCA.

Will Rasmussen: One time when I was in Las Vegas, I ran into Mike Huckabee who was a presidential candidate at the time. And I introduced myself and I said 'I didn't know you were a rodeo fan.' And he goes, 'What is there not to like? You stand for the anthem. You pray without apology. And you love America.

You also know Rasmussen's brother Flint, the world famous rodeo clown and rodeo entertainer. Will has been busy the past few weeks. He spent two weeks at rodeos in Colorado and says the crowds are the best he's ever seen.

While joining us on the radio from Bigfork, he highlighted the big names attending the rodeo there. Montana's like Sage Newman- who is leading the world out of Melstone, Montana. We ran into Sage last December at the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas.  World champion Haven Meged out of Miles City was also in the house in Bigfork.

Here's the full audio of our chat with Will Rasmussen:


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