Update Thursday July 27th: We can now confirm that 3 illegal aliens were involved in this latest human trafficking operation according to our source at the Montana Department of Justice. One of the illegal aliens has already been deported twice, as reported below. Out of the 18 arrested we have been told that 3 are illegal aliens.

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18 people were arrested in Bozeman, Montana following a human trafficking operation conducted by the Montana Department of Justice and the Bozeman Police Department, according to Attorney General Austin Knudsen. One of the suspects includes a twice deported illegal alien.

According to Edgar Cedillo with KBZK-TV, a Belgrade School Trustee and a former assistant coach at Bozeman High were also arrested in the operation.

Cedillo: 1 of those arrested in the sting was a Belgrade School Trustee, another was a assistant coach at Bozeman High.

Here's more details from AG Knudsen:

The individuals have been charged with 18 counts of patronizing a prostitute, five counts of criminal distribution of dangerous drugs, one count of resisting arrest, and one count of patronizing a victim of sex trafficking for a child victim. They were charged under Montana’s new statute, included in House Bill 112, that makes the solicitation of a prostitute a felony charge which Attorney General Knudsen helped write and pass during the 2023 Legislative Session.

According to a press release from the Montana DOJ, investigators also seized drugs including cocaine and fentanyl. One of the individuals was also found to be an illegal immigrant who has been deported twice.

AG Knudsen: I’m incredibly proud of our DCI human trafficking investigators for their hard work and commitment to stopping this heinous crime in Montana. Working together with our law enforcement partners, we are getting these dangerous predators off the streets. At the Montana Department of Justice, we are increasing our investigations and prosecutions of human trafficking to send the message to criminals that it will not be tolerated in Montana.

Click here for the full press release from the Montana DOJ.



KBZK YouTube report: https://youtu.be/5IZw57wFuxo

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