Former Democrat Lt. Gov. Mike Cooney (D-MT), the Democrat candidate for Governor in the 2020 elections, and at least two other fairly prominent Democrats got busted for sharing fake news about a non-existent "freezer morgue" at the hospital in Helena.

Cooney jumped on Twitter, attempting to troll the Republican who got elected Governor in 2020, asking Gov. Greg Gianforte (R-MT) "why does it have to be like this?"

Here's the transcript:

Cooney: So I'm standing outside St. Pete's hospital here in Helena. Behind me is the freedom freezer-otherwise known as the portable morgue. Folks, this is serious. I wouldn't want to be in that portable morgue, and I don't think you would want to. Take it seriously get vaccinated. Stay safe.

Of course there was one major problem with Cooney's post. It was false. It was fake news. Other Democrats like State Sen. Ellie Hill Boldman (D-MIssoula) and a city commissioner from Helena also spread the fake news.  A Missoula blog called "Missoula County Tyranny" shared the news:

In a scathing screed about Republicans to her followers and friends on Facebook, Democrat and Montana State Senator Ellie Boldman (SD-45) shared a photo of what she claimed was a mobile “freezer morgue” parked outside St. Peter’s Health hospital in Helena. The photo is actually of a mobile MRI trailer.

Did you see this story? You didn't? You mean to tell me that a bunch of Montana Democrats got busted spreading fake news concerning a "freezer morgue" or a "freedom freezer" and the vast majority of the Montana media ignored it? Surprise, surprise, surprise.

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