He'll back drag queens that want to target kids, but he won't back coal minersHe wouldn't let the Keystone XL Pipeline get built in Montana, but he'll overturn a Montana law protecting kids on taxpayer funded property.

US District Judge Brian Morris was put on the federal bench in Great Falls thanks, in part, to liberal Senator Jon Tester (D-MT). Since that point, Morris has been a blank check for the extreme environmental groups and any other radical Left wing group appearing before his court.

They won't back union workers, but they'll back drag queens targeting kids. This is today's Montana Democrat Party in a nutshell.

On Friday, Judge Morris put a hold on a Montana law protecting kids from drag shows on taxpayer funded property. Unlike the fake news reports might lead you to believe, the law does not ban drag queens nor does it ban drag shows altogether. (See the spot-on tweet from David Knobel below making this point)

Here was a good question we received from Mary in Helena:

Why did they challenge this Montana law in federal court instead of in state court? 

I think John in Kalispell gave us the most likely answer as he called into the radio Monday morning to speculate. The Montana Supreme Court is very liberal. The radical Left could have gotten a ruling in their favor from the MTSUPCO, so why go to fed court? Because there are some big Montana Supreme Court elections coming up in 2024, and they did not want the Montana Supreme Court to be front and center in voters minds with a ruling as outrageous as this one.



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