Fox News is hosting the first 2024 Republican presidential nomination debate Wednesday, Aug. 23, in Milwaukee.

Can you really call it a debate when eight people are going to share the stage? Isn't it more of a candidate forum? Plus, can you call it a debate when the big man himself- Donald J. Trump- isn't on the stage?

No matter what you call, I got Marc Lotter's take previewing Wednesday night's action. Lotter was a special assistant to President Trump and is now the communications director for the America First Policy Institute.

Marc Lotter: What you're gonna see tomorrow night (Wednesday) is eight people standing up there, and none of them have really any shot at getting the nomination, trying to convince you that you don't want Donald Trump the real thing, you want Donald Trump on decaf. They're not going to be arguing about policy because they're all going to be saying- bring back the Trump policies, because they worked.

We talked about how some Republicans will spend more time attacking other Republicans than they will going after the Democrats.

Marc Lotter: The real opponents are high gas prices, is the war on American energy, sky high inflation, the open southern border. And the American people don't want to debate amongst themselves. They just want someone up there who's gonna fight and change it and get it back to the way it used to be.

Full audio of our chat with Lotter can be heard at the start of Wednesday's statewide show below in the 9A hour:

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