Christi Jacobsen, Montana Secretary of State, sent over an op-ed that deserves recognition. She's shining a light on Montana's efforts to keep our elections fair, using best practices, standards, training, and audits.

Read her submission in full:

Montanans love freedom. That is why many Americans have flocked to our As-Close-To-Perfect State as you can get. Americans are seeking refuge to our State from policies that counter what Montana stands for: freedom, friendly business climate, and less government. Last week in D.C., the Senate considered yet another habitual attempt to impose federal takeover of Montana’s elections. This was not the first time, and it won’t be the last. Thank you, Senator Daines, for once again standing strong against President Biden and D.C. Democrats. The foundation of our State and our Country starts with our elections. As your Secretary of State, and in partnership with Governor Gianforte and the Legislature, Montana now has Voter ID, clean voter rolls, and has adopted best security standards. Montana also has incredibly high voter turnout, a high number of registered voters, and is outperforming the rest of the country. So why do President Biden and other Democrats (including Montana’s Democrat Senator) demonize Montana elections? The answer is to turn Montana into California by dictating a free-for-all when it comes to running our elections and eliminating Voter ID, clean voter rolls, and best security standards, all of which are common sense and supported by most Montanans. This is what makes Montana, Montana. I am here to serve you and keep us who we are — MONTANA.


-Christi Jacobsen is proud to serve as Montana’s 22nd Secretary of State

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