Dollars speak louder than words.

Some new numbers came out this morning on beer sales in America and Modelo has now replaced Bud Light, the nation's used-to-be-most popular beer. Modelo has 8.4 percent of all retail sales and Bud Light has fallen to 7.3 percent.

The fact is that Americans know how to let businesses know about their politics by using their dollar to do so. No in-your-face protests, no burning or destroying things, they just don't patronize the establishment.

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The dollar still is the most powerful voice in America.

Look at what happened this week to former President Trump. His political opponents and DOJ and FBI are still trying to eliminate his possibilities for a second term, winning the next election.

So what happened across America? His campaign contributions skyrocketed across the country. People with their dollars let the opposition know they don't like them interfering with the election. Even Democrats in Washington were appalled by that move.

I remember years ago a Best Buy employee was fired for stopping a crook who walked out of the store with some electronics and the store fired him. That was the last time I ever shopped at Best Buy. My merchandise cost more because we have to pay for the stuff that's stolen. Forget it, that was it for me.

The dollar is a powerful thing and you can use it to make your point without all the hate mail. I think these companies are now watching and learning.

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