I heard from a few of our listeners here in Montana who were very impressed by Harriet Hageman, the Trump-endorsed candidate challenging Rep. Liz Cheney in Wyoming.

For those who work in agriculture or for those who put food on the table thanks to our natural resource industries- Hageman's name is a familiar one. She's been fighting for Western interests for decades through her legal practice.

She referenced that work in her opening remarks at the Trump Rally on Saturday:

Hageman: As an attorney, I've been fighting the federal government and unelected bureaucrats for decades. I've been representing those people in businesses who put food on your table, gas in your car, a roof over your heads, and they pave your highways. I have been fighting for you and winning against the Environmental Protection Agency, the Fish and Wildlife Service, the Forest Service and the United States Department of Agriculture- just to name a few. I know Wyoming. I love Wyoming. I AM Wyoming. [APPLAUSE} I know what it means to ride for the brand, to be loyal to the outfit that hired you, and to always keep your word. I have fought for Wyoming and I will fight for you in Washington DC. And I will be taking that fight to DC just as soon as I defeat Liz Cheney.

From Fauci, to Critical Race Theory, to the elites in DC- Hageman says the consistent theme she is hearing is that Americans are fed up.

Hageman: We're fed up with the federal government that doesn't seem to work for us anymore. We're fed up with out of control spending. And we're fed up with the radical Biden agenda...We're fed up with seeing young mothers and fathers who can't find baby formula for their newborns. We're fed up with $6 gasoline and $6 diesel. We're fed up with a shortage of fertilizer for our farmers and with the supply chain that has been broken by the incompetence of our federal agencies.

She goes on with the list of how Americans, and folks here in the Rocky Mountain West in particular are feeling. Here's video of her full speech:

Former President Trump Rallies Supporters In Wyoming
(Photo by Chet Strange/Getty Images)


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