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President Donald Trump joined Senator Steve Daines (R-MT) and US House candidate Matt Rosendale (R-MT) for a "tele-rally" on Wednesday. President Trump spoke for six minutes, encouraging Montanans to vote for Daines and Rosendale, and then mocking Democrat Gov. Steve Bullock for failing to even get 1% in the polls during his failed presidential run.

Here's the full audio of President Trump's remarks:

Here's what President Trump had to say about Daines' opponent, Democrat Gov. Steve Bullock (D-MT):

Bullock was a disaster. He ran for president. He really, literally made a fool out of himself. He's totally against your 2nd Amendment. He's gonna vote with them, and by the way whether or not he is- he totally votes with Pelosi and with Schumer. So he's going to vote, even if he loved it- which he doesn't- he's going to vote with them, you're not going to end up with a 2nd Amendment.



The president also referred to Daines and Rosendale as "two incredible people, friends of mine."

Steve and Matt are champions for the America First agenda in Washington, they'll vote to support our police, safeguard our social security, uphold the 2nd Amendment- which is under siege by the way from people like Bullock and others- strengthen our military, secure our borders, rebuild our economy- and we will all hold China accountable for their lies and deception- that you can believe.


President Trump also highlighted the Great American Outdoors Act, and Senator Daines' effort to invest in our National Parks and public land conservation.

He concluded his remarks by saying, "I look forward to being out there with you. I appreciate this incredible show of love and support that you've given to me."

So will President Trump make a trip back to Montana? The Helena IR had this:

During the call Wednesday, Trump, who has resumed campaign events after a brief hospitalization because of the coronavirus, teased at the possibility he might still hold an in-person rally in the Treasure State before Election Day.

 “If later on I have to go out there, I’ll go out there,” Trump said. “I don’t think there should be any reason for it, though, because they are two incredible, incredible people.”


President Trump Holds Rally In Great Falls, Montana
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)



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