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It wasn't looking good for Governor Steve Bullock (D-MT) early on in the evening, but we knew it was over once the Yellowstone County numbers came in.

Even the anti-Trump liberal-leaning professor from Montana State University had to concede that it was over for Bullock. Prof. David Parker said this via Twitter shortly after 11 p.m. on Tuesday night:

I see that Yellowstone County just reported 94% of precinct results with Steve Daines up by...16 the largest county. I can't imagine that Steve Bullock can overcome that margin with Flathead still to report. #mtpol #mtsen

16 points in Yellowstone County? Wow. I don't think Montana Democrats have ever done that bad in Yellowstone County. Some Montana Democrats responded via Twitter, "wait till Cascade County comes in." They got hammered in traditional Democrat-voting Cascade County also.

They got beat so bad in Cascade County (Great Falls), that veteran Montana political reporter Chuck Johnson said Cascade County is "no longer a Dem county."

In addition to the Red Wave that allowed the GOP to sweep statewide races in Montana, the GOP picked up huge gains in the state legislature as well:

I spoke with "Don K"- the Chairman of the Montana Republican Party- about the election results and the huge GOP victory. Check out the full audio below:  

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