Will it be the transgender lawmaker versus Tranel? That's the question everyone is asking when it comes to the Democrat party primary for the Western Congressional District in Montana.

This, after Democrat Monica Tranel announced that she is going to run for Congress again, despite losing to former Trump Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke in the last election. Congressman Zinke is now the Representative for Western Montana, and it is safe to say he will be even stronger against Tranel in 2024.

While Tranel announced another run, a lot of folks are speculating that the attention-seeking transgender lawmaker from Missoula, State Rep. Zooey Zephyr (D-Missoula) will make a run for Congress. Despite a prominent labor leader saying that Zephyr's antics during the final days of Montana's Legislative Session backfired on the Democrats "something fierce"- Montana Democrats have been doubling down on the radical transgender agenda.

Bradley Warren with Wake Up Montana reports that Zephyr is not ruling out a run for US House.

Meanwhile, the Tranel campaign already fumbled right out of the gates. She gave her announcement to a print reporter on a Friday- a good way to bury any story, especially in the summer when everyone is trying to get outdoors and enjoy their weekend in Montana.

The Zinke campaign was quick to dismiss Tranel's candidacy and tout Zinke's achievements in Congress.

The Democrats gerrymandered a district in the West, and Zinke still won. Now, Zinke emerges even stronger than the last election.


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