We have VIP passes for the HUGE and upcoming Yellowstone Air Show featuring the US Navy's Blue Angels in Billings, Montana this August.

Folks will be travelling from all across the country to attend the airshow and there are only a few general admission tickets left. VIP passes have already sold out.

Jake Penwell and Matthew McDonnell were gracious enough to gift us with 4 VIP passes for the Air Show. Here's what we want to do. We want to give these tickets to military or law enforcement families. The hard part is going to be deciding who to give them to- so we want YOU to help.

We need YOU to nominate a law enforcement or military veteran for the 4 VIP passes.

(Currently serving personnel can be nominated as well). Be sure and give a good pitch for why you believe this person would be a good candidate for getting these VIP tickets- and encourage your friends to help nominate someone also. We will whittle the list of nominees down to a handful of finalists and then do a drawing for the final 2 winners at the end of the week.

By the way, the VIP passes are all inclusive- food, beverage, incredible seating, and more.

How do we nominate someone for the VIP air show passes?

Download the Montana Talks app and send us a message with who you would like to nominate, and how we can get a hold of the nominee.

We plan on drawing the winners on Friday, June 9th and announcing the winners on Friday's Montana Talks statewide radio show. Since we have 4 tickets, we will draw two winners so they can bring a spouse or a friend with them to the show.

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