What a contrast. The Montana Legislature is moving forward to put in place reasonable restrictions on abortion (as much as many of you would like to see it ended entirely). Meanwhile, President Biden put forward a nominee to lead the Health & Human Services Department who couldn't even state one reasonable limit on abortion he would support.

First, the good news. The Montana Senate has now advanced four key pro-life bills in Helena. Their efforts are getting national attention by LifeNews.com. Among the bills moving forward in the state senate:

*House Bill 136 would ban abortions performed on pain-capable unborn children, conservatively estimated at 20 weeks gestation;

*House Bill 167 would create a ballot referendum that would require abortionists to provide babies who survive an abortion with the same level of medical care as any other baby born at a similar gestation age.

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Meanwhile, back in our nation's capital, President Biden's nominee "refuses to say whether he supports any restrictions on abortion," as Fox News reports. This, after California Attorney General Xavier Bacerra (D-CA) faced tough questions from Montana Senator Steve Daines (R-MT), the chairman of the Senate's Pro Life Caucus:

Sen. Steve Daines, R-Mont., asked Becerra point-blank if he would name an abortion restriction that he might support, which the California Attorney General declined to answer.

"Is there any line you would draw?" Daines asked. "Is there just one, just one restriction as it relates to abortion that you might support?"

Townhall.com has more on Becerra's radical background on abortion:

Becerra, who boasts perfect ratings from abortion organizations including Planned Parenthood and NARAL, dodged the question. Becerra has indicated his support for abortion multiple times, from voting against a partial-birth abortion ban to voting against penalities for sex-selective abortions. As attorney general of California, he brought charges against pro-life activists in 2017 after they investigated the trafficking of aborted baby parts.




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