Montana's liberal Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) told NBC that Joe Biden is "absolutely 100% with it," and that Biden is doing a good job. Plus, check out what former Dem Gov. Brian Schweitzer (D-MT) had to say when we asked him if Biden was "with it."

Here's what Tester told NBC News:

Sen. Tester: Joe Biden when I've been around him, and it's not every day, when I've been around him- when I've seen him on the news- he's absolutely 100% with it. And and he's got, his recall, his cognitive ability- whatever you want to call it...he's fine. He's doing a good job. I think folks are making a bigger deal out of it than it is.

Montana Republican US Senate candidate and Navy SEAL veteran Tim Sheehy weighed in with his immediate reaction via Twitter:

Tim Sheehy: WOW. After all his failures, corruption, America last policies, and inability to put two sentences together, Jon Tester still thinks President Biden is doing “a good job” and “absolutely 100% with it.” It’s time we get rid of both of them. #RetireTester


After the NBC News interview broke last week, I was catching up with former Democrat Governor Brian Schweitzer (D-MT). Even though we spent most of the hour talking property taxes and taking phone calls, I had to throw a question his way about Biden.

Former Gov. Schweitzer (D-MT) on Biden:

Aaron Flint: What do you think of the the Biden Administration right now, and especially the polling that shows that people are wondering whether or not Biden is fit for office? What do you think, is he with it?

Former Gov. Schweitzer: Well, as you probably know, Biden even a boy was a was a stumbler, he was a mumbler. And he actually took some special education to help him with his speech pattern. So that hasn't changed. He's been a senator since he was 28 years old or something like that. And he's always kind of stumbled through his words. I haven't any idea what his mental state is right now. I do know this, that we have elected people that are too old to serve in Washington, DC- that applies to Republicans and Democrats, House and Senate. We need some people that are in their 50s to run this country. And unfortunately it looks like we're gonna have a campaign between two old guys for president again this time.

Aaron Flint: Yeah. I mean, Republicans and Democrats alike. It's like, okay, there's Mitch McConnell, who's struggling. Dianne Feinstein sadly has been struggling and it's like how long do they have to hold on to office right?

Former Gov. Schweitzer: Just look at me, you know, you can see how much I could have gone downhill. And I'm 67.


Here's the video of Tester's remarks:






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